Shhh.... LawBot is sleeping!

Thanks to everyone for helping us develop and grow in the past 4 months.
We are building a new platform to better serve our users' needs. We will relaunch in June (after exams, lol).

What wins a case? Read about current developments at LawBot!

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We want to change the way people access justice around the world.
LawBot is a pilot project in legal automation. Over the past 4 months we learned a lot about the possibilities of automizing standard legal tasks. We got a lot of press traction and social commentary. Now we are taking the time to develop the best possible platform to deliver the socially desirable outcome we set out to achieve.

If you want to read about us: The Guardian, The Times, Forbes, The Law Society Gazette, Legal Cheek (Ha...), Legal Cheek again, Legal Futures, British Legal IT Forum, and other stuff you can find on Google.

LawBot 2.0

In June, LawBot will relaunch as a messenger bot (most likely on Facebook). LawBot is currently training on large data-sets to improve its understanding of user requests. We want to make LawBot a useful tool for people with legal problems.
The incredible experiences we've gathered over the past four months are feeding the next development stage.
Watch this space!


While LawBot is levelling up to LawBot 2.0, the LawBot team is happy to talk (and study for dem exams...) Get in touch at
For a direct line to LawBot, head to Twitter to see LawBot's dreams while learning.
We are also on Facebook and on Twitter for Humans.